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Responsible Captive Breeding
of Wild Felines

N.O.A.H. Feline Conservation Center practices responsible captive husbandry. We trade and work with other dedicated facilities and concerned individuals.  We abide by state laws that regulate ownership of wild felines.

We actively encourage the creation and expansion of suitable captive habitat, but we always keep in mind that private ownership carries with it tremendous responsibilities to the animals in our care and to society.  But we believe that those who do it right, should have the right to do it.

We currently selectively breed five species of feline

African Servals and Caracals, Southern Bobcats, South American Geoffroy's Cats and Canadian Lynx. We sell their hand-reared offspring to facilities that will enhance the species' survival or to knowledgeable individuals who will increase the public's appreciation of these intelligent and loving creatures. 

Hand raised felines are ambassadors.  Their presence among us helps to remind us of the plight of their cousins, struggling
to survive in nature.   When people meet our felines this often inspires a change in their attitude towards wildlife and then in turn helps insure survival of  all predators in the wild.



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