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2014 Expected Kittens

NOAH is preparing for spring kittens. We expect a litter of caracal and a litter of Geoffroy’s kittens to be born in mid and late March.

In April, we expect a litter of Serval, and a litter of Eurasian lynx and a litter of bobcats.

In May, we expect another litter of bobcats and another litter of Geoffroy’s kittens.

Inquiries can be made now, and we are accepting deposits for these kittens.

If you have never raised an exotic feline, I highly recommend you join the Feline Conservation Federation. This organization has many experienced members who can help you along the way.

 It is important that you be in compliance with all your state and local regulations, and in the case of bobcats, a native species, most state wildlife agencies have regulations on the books.

Visit the FCF web site page titled Legislation Information where you will find a map of the US. Click on your state to read a summary of your state laws and see the contact info for state agencies that regulate so that you can double check regulations and apply for required permits before you purchase a cat.

You can join the Feline Conservation Federation online at the website. www.felineconservation.org 

FCF teaches a Basic Wild/Exotic Feline Husbandry Course that provides a wealth of information. This one day class is scheduled on Wednesday, June 18, at the Scottsdale Cottonwoods Resort and Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona at the start of the annual convention. Visit the FCF website under Upcoming Events to register for this class and to attend the convention, open to all.

 NOAH gives preference to FCF members.


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